Friday, 6 May 2011

Making me not so happy

Haven't posted in awhile. Been busy with springcleaning and everyday business.

Doc called - he wanted to see me... 2nd time this has happened... 2nd kick in the butt.
1st time - he told me I had a IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) or MII (maladie inflammatoire de l'intestin). It made my life miserable for 1,5 yrs and it still has its ups & downs - and here's to hoping I don't have another 'crisis'. If you want to know more go read about it on the web, I'm not talking about it. Just thinking about it drives me nuts. Just know it's like having a 'gastro - 24hr flu' , 24 hrs a day 7/7 for months. Pills to take for life and it took 6 months for them to start working. Chronique disease
Yesterday I went to see him for the 2nd time. My left arm was getting numb and hurting from the little finger to the shoulder - so had an IRM (résonance magnétique) done and he wanted to give me the results. He thought I had a cervical hernia - nope that's not it... it's DDD degenerative disk diseas. Seems all my cervical disks (except 1) are used up as in an old person. Nothing to do but take pain pills when it hurts to much, do some exercises and improve my posture. From his expression I gathered he was kind of amazed of the extent to which I have this. Oh joy! More pills to take and possiblity of always hurting. Degenerative disease.

I've always been careful about taking pills, now I have life-long pills to take for IBD, cholesterol pills and now pain pills! Hey, let's buy a drugstore!

Whoopy! can any of this get better?