Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween fun - day 29

Joke - graveyard humor

Dead end

Recipe - graveyard chocolate pudding

Make your own favorite chocolate pudding (from a box is fine), put in see-through glasses, crush some chocolate cookies on top (for the earth), add some vanilla cookies (oval shapped) on which you have printed RIP with some cake frosting.

Craft - Monster gloves

Get cheap black gloves, long plastic nails from the dollar store. Glue nails to glove & put some glittery nailpolish on them.

One year I made some for my son. He was dressed as Freddy Krueger. I bought those dollar store finger ends with knife blades at the end & glued them to a black glove. Tadda!

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  1. Dead End - HA!! I almost spit out a mouthful of tea!!