Sunday, 26 July 2009

CIJ craft - mini-clothes garland

I just finished crocheting mini-clothes for my garland (Santa & elf clothes). I just need to find a clothesline and some mini clothespins and everything will be set. I'll probably hang it on my small kitchen christmas tree.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Christmas ornaments for 2009

Finally! I made it! 9 christmas ornaments to give to my friends for Christmas. I love the way they turned out (1 of them is for ME!!!).

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Oreo balls

I want to try this recipe for Christmas this year.

Here's the tutorial for this:

1 pack of oreos
8 oz. cream cheese (one container)
Almond Bark (milk or white chocolate, whichever you prefer)

Wax Paper
One large BowlBlender

1) Blend the cream cheese in a bowl until it looks kind of whipped.
2) Break the oreos in your hands and add them to the cream cheese.
3) Blend the oreo/cream cheese mixture until there are no large chunks of oreos. It should be a really dark brown color (and it actually looks extremely disgusting!)
4) Stick in the refrigerator for at least two hours to harden.
5) . . .waiting. . . .
6) Take the oreo mixture out of the fridge and roll it into 1 inch balls.
6B) Freeze the balls until they are no longer mushy. I leave them in there for about an hour or two. It REALLY helps.
7) Melt the almond bark or other meltable chocolate per instructions on the back of the package. 8) Stick a toothpick in the ball, and dip it in the chocolate.
9) Set it on wax paper to dry.

Ways to "dress them up":
-You can drizzle them with the opposite color of chocolate (e.g. if you make milk chocolate oreo balls drizzle them with white chocolate and vice versa)
-Roll them in coconut before the chocolate dries
-Put colorful sprinkles on them