Saturday, 3 January 2009

Elf mischief and gifts 2008

Last year Jujubes visited our house but this year he brought a friend along "M" and they have brought gifts and done some elf mischief too.

Elf money boots

Taking a snowball bath

They brought elf ornaments

Found sleeping with the grinch

They found (and ate!) some Halloween candies!

Uh, oh! sitting in the tree!!

They played with my wrapping paper and tried to wrap themselves!

They brought some sleeping bags this year

Roasting small marshmallows under the Christmas tree

Christmas tour of home

I know I'm a bit late but here's a tour of our 2008 Christmas decorations.

Nativity set

Christmas card exchange from MHH

Christmas ornaments


Christmas tree

Christmas village in bay window

My Santas

Train set under the tree

Crafts I made in 2008

Here are some pics of the crafts I made.

Tree frog for my niece

Elf ornaments (brought by the elves)

Elf quilts in a pillow for my nieces
Reader's wrap for mom

Crochet stocking