Saturday, 26 December 2009

New baby in town - December 5th

On December 5th we got our little Anthony. 8 lbs, 21 inches.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Sur le site de François Charron (TVA) ils ont publié un courriel que je leur ai transmis!! C'est daté du 2008-09-22 et ça parle de comment retrouvé les cameras grace a des photos publiées qui proviennent de cartes SD retrouvées dans l'appareil.

2009 elf mishchief

The elves brought the dvd 'the polar express'.

Elves found riding the cow with lottery tickets.

Joannie with Naomie

Picture of my daughter Joannie with Naomie. Joannie is Naomie's godmother.

Christmas dinner at the office

Pic of my gang of friends at the office. We had a $5 gift exchange.

New baby boy has arrived!

Here is Anthony on his 1st day - 21 inches, 8 lbs. He had a little infection and had to be in incubator. His father (Éric), mom (Véro) and sister (Naomie) are very proud.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Halloween 2009 - Costumes

My sister sent me this picture of her youngest son and my 2 nieces.

Here we have all present at our party. 3 clowns, 1 devil, 1 chinaman, 1 scary man, married couple, priest, wedding organizer, cow (DH), vampire, scarecrow, cleopatra & Julius Caesar

Here, DH changed into a Julius Caesar costume

We even had a Halloween wedding!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Boobash 2 - 2009 Decorations

Some things were repeated from 2008 (hanging curtains, silhouettes of rats and cats, etc... so I did not post new pics.. they can be seen in boobash 1 post)

Living room (haunted garden) . See post about horrifying houseplants - other pics are there.

The owl was made by my 9 yr. old niece Kasandra (in papier maché)
Kitchen - see post about potion jars (other pics are there):

Bathroom (fortune-teller):
I also had beaded curtains on curtain rod and floating candles in bathtub but picture was no good.


Potion jars & labels 2009

Here are the potion jars I made... I also printed my labels on word and glued them with mod-podge.

Halloween 2009 - horrifying houseplants

Here are the horrifying houseplants I made for Halloween 2009. (2 mouths & 1 eye)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Boobash 2009 Prep

I have been working on my plans for my 2009 boobash.
I've finished the outside of my Spellbook and I've made a 'Morgue' sign.
Here are my pics.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

CIJ craft - mini-clothes garland

I just finished crocheting mini-clothes for my garland (Santa & elf clothes). I just need to find a clothesline and some mini clothespins and everything will be set. I'll probably hang it on my small kitchen christmas tree.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Christmas ornaments for 2009

Finally! I made it! 9 christmas ornaments to give to my friends for Christmas. I love the way they turned out (1 of them is for ME!!!).